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Steve Maher’s Heavy Metal Detector on Tour, Thursday October 20th in Lappeenranta

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Artist Steve Maher’s Heavy Metal Detector on Tour, Thursday October 20th in Lappeenranta - Come along for a city walk around the Lappeenranta fortress with a metal detector.                 Picture: Anastasia Artemeva Join Steve Maher for his Heavy Metal Detector city walk around the Lappeenranta fortress area on Thursday, October 20th. The walks start at 2pm and 5pm in front of the Lappeenranta Art Museum (Kristiinankatu 8-10, Lappeenranta). The Heavy Metal Detector walk studies the environment with the aid of the artist’s ”modified” metal detector. Instead of the warning beep of a common [...]

Pixelache Festival 2016 – ‘Interfaces for Empathy’ is visiting Jyväskylä 14.-16.10.

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Pixelache Festival 2016 – 'Interfaces for Empathy' is visiting Jyväskylä 14.-16.10. 'Interfaces for Empathy' brings to Jyväskylä four programme parts that were part of the festival which happened in Helsinki last month. The festival explored possibilites of more empathic relationship towards whole ecosystems as a key for new narrative of the human.   Various Artists: Saudade de Europa Galleria Hoppa, Kauppakatu 8 Vernissage Fri 14.10. at 17:30-20:00 (continues from the Jyväskylä Art Museum) opening times Sat-Sun 15.-16.10. at 11:00-18:00 Various Artists travels from Belgium trough Helsinki to Jyväskylä trading on the way and studying the value of trade and the [...]

Pixelache & Living Spaces festival goes to Jyväskylä

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      Pixelache visits Jyväskylä and its’ Yläkaupungin Yö -festival 21. of May. The program of the visit reaches also to the neighbouring municipality, Petäjävesi. The program is based on the Pixelache Festival 2015 - Living Spaces, organised in Helsinki in autumn 2015. The festival explored the thematics of cultural decentralisation. From Pixelache 2015 - Living Spaces program, sound artist murmer (Estonia/US) will bring his ‘Echo Surveys’ sound art performance to Jyväskylä in Taavettila riihi (the oldest wooden building in Jyväskylä, Seminaarinkatu 15, Jyväskylä) at 17-18. All the sounds in the performance will be produced by the materials found [...]

Live Herring ’14 over – thank you all!

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Live Herring '14 exhibition ended last weekend! We thank all the organizers, artists, co-workers - and especially those over 800 exhibition guests, who visited the exhibition in Gallery Ratamo! We celebrated a new start with Live Herring '14 exhibition and during the exhibition we also got more to be happy about (we've got a big grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundation for one project). We'll be back with our next triennial exhibition in a few years time, but we doubt that Live Herring will be too silent in between the exhibitions...  (If you wish to stay tuned to our news, [...]

Brain Poetry at Gallery Ratamo on February 8, 2014

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Kasperi Mäki-Reinikka from Brains on Art collective visits Gallery Ratamo / Live Herring '14 on Saturday, February 8, 2014. Mäki-Reinikka introduces Brain Poetry project, after which the exhibition guests have a change to have their own brains making poems! Brain Poetry (2013) is a poetry generator, which produces poetry from the user's brain waves. The technology behind the generator is based on methods of computational creativity developed by researcher Jukka Toivanen. The artwork examines the combination of a human and a machine in a creative process. Computational creativity means imitating, modeling and aiding creativity with a computer. The artwork deals [...]

Äkkigalleria goes Live Herring 23.-25.1.2014!

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While the Live Herring '14 main exhibition at the Gallery Ratamo takes closer look at mechanical and digital lifeforms, Äkkigalleria takes one step towards to bio art. The 24th Äkkigalleria Moths Day and Night 23.-25.1.2014 (Kauppakatu 25, Jyväskylä) is an annex event to the Live Herring '14. Two British animations artists, Emily Tracy and Elizabeth Hobbs, will combine forces with local research biologist and nature conservationist, Jussi Päivinen from Metsähallitus, to create new animations inspired by Finnish moths. This intervention includes two workshops, one for a class of school students and the other open to the public. The workshops will [...]

Art on XYZ-scale

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Live Herring '14 starts February by organizing an Oculus Rift Workshop, Art on XYZ-scale, by visual artist Sampsa Kuha on Sat-Sun 1-2.2.2014. Virtual environments are familiar from games, apps and movies. This far we´ve been able to explore them on two-dimensional screens, but when viewing systems like Oculus Rift become available it is going to change. With a device such as the Rift, it´s possible to view virtual worlds from one´s own perspective and even look around turning your head from side to side. In this workshop participants get to explore the possibilities of creating, experiencing and exhibiting art in [...]