Kolmen vuoden välein järjestettävä näyttely- ja tapahtumakokonaisuus

Art on XYZ-scale

By |19 / 01 / 2014|Categories: Live Herring -näyttely, Live Herring '14 @en, News, Workshops @en|

Live Herring '14 starts February by organizing an Oculus Rift Workshop, Art on XYZ-scale, by visual artist Sampsa Kuha on Sat-Sun 1-2.2.2014. Virtual environments are familiar from games, apps and movies. This far we´ve been able to explore them on two-dimensional screens, but when viewing systems like Oculus Rift become available it is going to change. With a device such as the Rift, it´s possible to view virtual worlds from one´s own perspective and even look around turning your head from side to side. In this workshop participants get to explore the possibilities of creating, experiencing and exhibiting art in [...]