While the Live Herring ’14 main exhibition at the Gallery Ratamo takes closer look at mechanical and digital lifeforms, Äkkigalleria takes one step towards to bio art. The 24th Äkkigalleria Moths Day and Night 23.-25.1.2014 (Kauppakatu 25, Jyväskylä) is an annex event to the Live Herring ’14.

Two British animations artists, Emily Tracy and Elizabeth Hobbs, will combine forces with local research biologist and nature conservationist, Jussi Päivinen from Metsähallitus, to create new animations inspired by Finnish moths.
This intervention includes two workshops, one for a class of school students and the other open to the public. The workshops will be followed by an exhibition of some of Tracy & Hobbs’ animation films. The events will begin on Thursday, January 23rd at 3pm.

Elizabeth Hobbs is an illustrator, printmaker and animation artist, whose animation artist whose films have won many awards. A large part of Elizabeth’s work is creating participatory animated films and devising visual art projects with young people and community groups with artist Emily Tracy. She also lectures in animation at Anglia Ruskin University. Elizabeth was the first Pépinières residency artist to come work at the Jyväskylä Centre for Printmaking. She came to Jyväskylä for the 6-month artist residency in 1996. We are very excited to have her back!

Emily Tracy is a visual artist specializing in public interventions, light installations and collaborative projects. She works with the lit form: Lanterns or large scale sculpture. Having trained as a painter she has developed techniques using shadow, colour and a diverse range of materials, including recycled ones, to create extraordinary spectacles which aim to startle, amaze and inspire. These installations often come about through research into local history, architecture, stories and working with a particular group of people and are therefore site-specific. Most recently she has been developing projects which highlight environmental issues through use of materials.

Jussi Päivinen is a research scientist, environmental conservationist and butterfly enthusiast who has been fascinated with butterflies since he was 7, he has a a doctorate degree in philosophy and currently works for the Metsähallitus. Jussi is joining this project as a consultant, sharing his expertise on Finnish moths with workshop participants. Data and facts that he supplies will be used in the creation of a new animation on Finnish moths.

The gallery will be open as follows:
Thursday 23rd, 3-6pm*
Friday 24th, 11-7pm
Saturday 25th, 11-5pm

*Everyone is welcome to drop by, watch and/or participate in the light-animation workshop on Thursday January 23rd from 4-6pm. The event is free of charge everyone, of all ages, is invited to join us!


For more information:
Anna Ruth: 040 848 3952