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<B>Walk-in workshop</B> will be open during the exhibition. The audience is welcome to build an artwork together with artist Oona Tikkaoja. The work Käsipäivää (Handshake) will be constructed of photographed hands and texts written by the owners of those hands. These photos and digitized texts will constitute the work of art, in which all participants virtually give a handshake to each other and to the viewer of the work.

<B>View</B> the workshop artwork (updates during exhibition) via internet at » «

<B>Workshop opening hours</B>
· Thu Nov 17 11-14
· Fri Nov 18 12-16
· Sat 19 Nov 12-16
· Sun 20 Nov 12-16

<B>The workshop leader Oona Tikkaoja</B> will also give a lecture on Thursday November 17, » find out more : lectures «

Käsipäivää - Shaking hands

<B>The art work</B> made in the walk-in workshop will be exhibited in Jyväskylä Art Museum after the Elävä Silakka - Live Herring exhibition until the end of December 2005.