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<B>Jyväskylä</B> is a town of over 80 000 habitants, situated in the very hearth of Finland. Jyväskylä is known for its rich variety of culture.
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<B>All Live Herring events</B> will take place at the old campus, Jyväskylä.
L Lecture series on net art
Y1 Arctic & Fabulous
Y2 Elävä Silakka / Live Herring Nordic Net Art exhibition


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<B>Elävä Silakka / Live Herring</B>
Nordic Net Art exhibition will take place at the old campus, in the Opinkivi Building.
Exhibition opening hours:
· Thu Nov 17 9-16
· Fri Nov 18 9-20
· Sat 19 Nov 12-16
· Sun 20 Nov 12-16
Entrance to the exhibition is free.
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<B> Lectures by Digital Culture, Department of Arts and Culture Studies, University of Jyväskylä</B>
All the lectures are given in English and they are open and free for all interested parties. Lectures are held at the old campus, in the Sports Building.
Lectures are given on Thu Nov 17 from 10 to 15.45 and on Fri Nov 18 from 9.15 to 12.30.
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<B>Arctic & Fabulous</B> film screenings, as well as the accompanying festival club and the award ceremony will take place at Kampus Kino, Ilokivi/Ylioppilastalo.
Ticket prices available at Arctic & Fabulous net site.
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