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Arctic & Fabulous 2005

Arctic & Fabulous <B>The Arctic & Fabulous film festival </B> takes a look at Nordic cinema again in November, and already the eighth time. The festival programme features a series of new Nordic films which is presented in association with the Walhalla organisation.

<B>But how does contemporary cinema</B> stand comparison with Nordic film classics - when set against such rarely screened jewels as Alf Sjöberg's Fröken Julie (1951) and Jörn Donner's Tvärbalk (1967), for example? The lectures of this year's honoured guest Peter von Bagh on the history of Swedish cinema will most probably offer intriguing perspectives on the matter.

<B>The national Arctic & Fabulous competition</B> brings contemporary Finnish film onto local screen once again. The festival programme includes 25 films made by Finnish woman film-makers, and they will be shown in five competition screenings at Kampus Kino.
The winner of Arctic & Fabulous 2005: Saving the World (Maailmaa pelastamassa), a documentary by Maija Blåfield.

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